Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tomo's latest hairstyling in Papercut Magazine

Our ever talented Tomo, recently finished a shoot with Papercut Magazine and we think the model's hair looks gorgeous!
Perfect for that Autumn to Winter look.

Earth Hairdressing Introduces the Bloggers Make-over event

As Earth Hairdressing want to begin a Make-over service, we invited, Catherine from 'Perfectly Polished' and Myriam from '44 Frocks' to be our testers and experience a very unique, Earth Make-over. With Carrot top pr, there to tweet and record the event, Tomo created fantastic hair styles while Saj made their faces even more beautiful.

Check out the pictures from the shoot and the finished result!

And here are the results....

Photographer: Takazumi

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Katie Price spotted near Earth Hairdressing

Katie Price made a quick appearance at the Studios just round the corner from Earth Hairdressing and we thought we would share the mayhem of Photographers and us trying to get her snap!

Aveda steps for the perfect relaxed side sweep

Step 1 - Finger-comb 2-3 pumps of Be curly Style Prep roots ends through slightly damp hair.
Step 2 - Part hair on the side and comb.
Step 3 - Dispense 3-5 pumps of phomollient styling foam into hands, rub hands together. Apply all over hair with fingertips to create lift and volume. Blow dry.
Step 4 - Spray control force hairspray as you scrunch or rough up hair with your hands to create volume and wave. Continue until you have reached desired texture.
Step 5 - Part hair to side again, if necessary. Use the barrette to scoop bangs and generous top layer from the side into a low, front position.
Step 6  - Lift lower back section of crown with fingers (or pick end of comb) and spray to create height.
Step 7 - Spray control force hairspray all over hair, in circular motions to finish.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Earth Hairdressing Studio Shoot - July 10th

We at Earth have been very busy bee's in deed! With a new shoot just completed we thought we would share some behind the scenes shots just for you.

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