Saturday, 19 March 2011

One of Earth's Clients: Tomo the Model

One of our fantastic clients is the gorgeous Model Tomo. He recently modelled for Lou Dalton at London Fashion Week and also appears in the new CK One Fragrance Ad.

Check him out in the CK One Ad below! 

Blogger Really Ree's Review on Earth Hairdressing

Famous Beauty and Fashion blogger, Really Ree took up our blogger challenge to review our salon's service and have her hair cut by our fabulous stylist Tomo!

Check out her video below on her great new haircut and what she thinks of Earth Salon!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tomo's New Wavy Shoot

Earth's talented Stylist Tomo, created this beautiful wavy style for a shoot and we must say, this would look amazing and feminine on any girl! To request an appointment from Tomo, please call Earth on
020 7291 3670

Carlotta Gherzi for Sado hairstyles for London Fashion Week A/W 2011

The hairstyle used here in Carlotta Gherzi for Sado show is unique and can really set the tone for an outfit.

If plain straight hair is slightly boring for you, use this dent effect to add shape and dynamic to your hair.

Bryce Aime Hairstyles for London Fashion Week A/W 2011

Bryce Aime loves the short and shaved like style this season and for a more fresh and punk look experiment with lengths and direction to keep it different very day. If you are not into the shaved style then you can easily pull your hair back and leave pieces ofhair on top to be loose and free.

Bernard Chandran hairstyles from London Fashion week A/W 2011

There is nothing more sexy then a loose and layered hairstyle to give a very feminine look. Bernard Chandran has featured a similar style for his A/W collection and it compliments his collection brilliantly.

This look is better for long hair and can be achieved by simply styling the hair by creating a wavy look and creating a small pony tail at the end. This look will work wonders for both Summer and Winter for 2011.

Belle Sauvage hairstyles from London Fashion week A/W 2011

Belle Sauvage created a unique collection that was very different to the other designers at London Fashion Week. One thing that really stood out was the hairstyles that were created for the show. With a traditional french pleat that was started at the bottom of the head and finished at the top, gave a very dymanic look for A/W. Another challenging style was the veil that was created to cover the models face, but this is really only for a style designed for a fashion designer like Belle Sauvage.

Aminaka Wilmont Hairstyles from London Fashion week A/W 2011

Pleats have made a real come back for A/W 2011 and they come in all shapes and sizes. With swept back hair and various pleats that are connected from all different parts of the hair, Aminaka Wilmont's style has a laid back yet dressed look for the Winter season and pleat trend.

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